Workflow Manager

Automated Calculation Engine

Grow your portfolio and apply your own business logic to market and proprietary data to create simple logic and forward curves with our Workflow Manager. Seamlessly integrate the results into end systems and front-end applications by using our automated calculation engine.

Data Derivation - Enrich the data you use by applying customizable formulas to exchange and proprietary data to derive the data you need for analysis.

Curve Building - Put yourself back in the driver seat with Workflow Manager’s ability to select complex functions that creates forward curves, which feed into downstream ETRM.

Automated Algorithms - We enhance your day-to-day manual processes, such as data aggregation, data derivation, and risk management, with automation so that you can easily track the status with alerts regarding errors, freeing your time and resources for areas you want to concentrate on.

Transparency - Count on us to maintain your peace of mind with our commitment to transparency with our clients. We perform quality checks and send alerts to inform you if something happens that does not meet our standard of excellence. Since our products are SOC1 compliant, our clients know that they are in good hands.

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