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September 2015   Volume 5 | Issue 9
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New Reports - Marketplace


Morningstar now offers the following from the CME:
  CBOT Futures Intraday

Feed: CME_CBOTFuturesIntraday
Ex. Key: Symbol=@ZC6K
Granularity: Minutely

New Reports - Commodity DataServer


Morningstar now offers the following from the London Metal Exchange:
  LME Futures Bandings for Metals

Ex. Symbol: MSTAR.LME.AA.10.TO.20.M2.COUNT.0.SHORT
Ex. Path: TopRelation:Futures:Lme:FutureBanding:AluminiumAlloy:ShortPosition
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Symbol: MSTAR.LME.AA.10.TO.20.M2.COUNT.3.LONG
Ex. Path: TopRelation:Futures:Lme:FutureBanding:AluminiumAlloy:LongPosition
Granularity: Daily


Morningstar now offers the following from Singapore Exchange:
  SGX Platts Iron Ore CFR China (Lump Premium) Swap

Symbol: SGX.LP
Ex. Path: TopRelation:Energy:Forwards:Sgx
Granularity: Daily

New Reports - Commodity DataServer and Marketplace


Morningstar now offers the following from ICIS Heren - 32 total feeds:
  Heren EDEM Spreads from Czech, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and UK
  Heren ESGM Closing Day Prices for Czech, Gaspool, NBP, NCG, PEGNOrd, PSV, TRS, TTF, Turkish, VTP, Zeebrugge, and ZTP
  Heren EDEM Prices for Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey

Ex. Feed: Heren_EDEM_CzechHungarianSpreads
Ex. Key: Day_ahead
Path: TopRelation:Energy:EuropeanElectricity:Spreads:Heren:[location]:[Period;Month,Year,Quarter]:
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Feed: Heren_ESGMPlus_GaspoolClosingDayPrices
Ex. Key: Day_ahead
Path: TopRelation:Energy:EuropeanNaturalGas:ESGMClosingDayPrices:Heren:[location]:
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Feed: Heren_EDEM_BulgarianPrices
Ex. Key: Day_ahead
Path: TopRelation:Energy:EuropeanElectricity:[location]:Heren:Absolute:[Period;Month,Year,Quarter]:
Granularity: Daily


Morningstar now offers the following from Destatis:
  Yearly German Electricity Sales and Proceeds by Customer Type

Feed: StatsBunde_YearlyGermanElectricitySalesandProceeds
Ex. Key: Final Customers Total
Ex. Path: TopRelation:Energy:Products:StatsBundesamt:Proceeds:
Granularity: Yearly

Commodities Research

Gas and Power Luncheon - Argus and Morningstar

We are pleased to announce that Argus and Morningstar will be co-hosting a Luncheon in Houston, TX on 29 October 2015. Limited places are available for this complimentary lunch and learn so if you would like to attend please complete the quick registration form here.

Topics to be covered include:

  • An update on exports of natural gas from the US to Mexico, and other market fundamentals
  • Outlook on NGLs given current depressed pricing
  • Marcellus and Utica takeaway capacity update
  • PJM Term outlook update

Energy Observer - Lower for longer: How low-cost supply affects the domestic natural gas complex

U.S. gas production is likely to slow in the near term as oil-directed drilling hits the brakes, but the wealth of low-cost inventory in areas like the Marcellus and Utica—as well as associated volumes from oil-rich areas like the Permian—points to continued growth through the end of this decade and beyond, aided by durable efficiency gains in the form of faster cycle times and improved recovery rates. Based on our analysis of how drilling and completion costs are likely to trend given the competitive dynamics within the upstream-services value chain, along with our examination of well-level returns for each of the major producing areas in the Lower 48, we estimate that a midcycle price for U.S. natural gas of $4 per thousand cubic feet will be required to meet the more than 20 bcf/d of incremental consumption we forecast by 2020. While the next few years will be challenging for exploration and production companies and services firms, we expect cash flow, profitability, and returns on capital to approach pre-oil-crash levels by the end of the decade, with a recovery beginning in earnest in 2017. Even with the prospect of ongoing weakness in the domestic oil and gas markets, undervalued, cost-advantaged investment opportunities remain.

For more information about Morningstar Research or to recieve the full reports please email

On the Horizon

Energy Management Institute

Morningstar would like to share the partnerships we are working to establish with data providers. Development of new data feeds will be prioritized based on client interest and feedback. Please contact your Sales Director or email if you are interested in these new data sets.

EMI uses its market expertise to publish business critical indices and newsletters that provide market news and analysis, including purchasing and hedging advice, pricing, and more. EMI publications are trusted by thousands of organizations for daily financial and physical market guidance including key benchmark contracts. They provide the following 6 reports:

    1. Gasoline and Diesel Volumes: Data Report
      Volumes represent weekly prime supplier sales of motor gasoline and no. 2 distillate.

    2. Wholesale Fuel Market Assessment: Data Report
      Wholesale Fuel Rack averages for more than 80% of all markets nationwide for gasoline and distillate.

    3. Pipeline Tariff Report: Data Report
      Intra- and interstate transportation. Tariff rates for approximately 250 delivery points across U.S.

    4. Alternative Fuels Index: News and Pricing Report
      Weekly wholesale prices for Biodiesel, Ethanol, Propane, Methanol, Electricity, Natural Gas, & CNG.

    5. Energy Market Analysis: Analytical Report
      EMI closely monitors and analyzes market dynamics that impact price, supply and trading conditions.

    6. Daily Hedger: Analytical Report
      The Daily Hedger has been designed to mirror a typical trading operation as closely as possible.

Scheduled Market Changes

No scheduled changes at this time.

Please visit our website for any updated market changes.

Completed Market Changes

Morningstar has successfully completed the following maintenance items:
  Liquidity Partners
Effective August 31, 2015, we will be processing the new file from Liquidity Partners which includes a new format. Clients should not see any disruption in service as this is a back-end change.

Upcoming Events

Morningstar's Sr. Commodities Analyst, Jordan Grimes will be presenting “The Outlook for Northeastern Power & Gas” at the 2015 Fall NAEMA conference in Las Vegas on October 16th. We look forward to seeing those who will be attendance!

Please visit our website to discover other events Morningstar will be attending.

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