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Morningstar is pleased to announce the availability of the following data sets. Please note our new Commodities Research section. To add any optional offering to your Morningstar data feed, please contact your Sales Director or email

New Vendors - Marketplace


Morningstar now offers the following from Gasunie:
  Actual Physical Load Flows

Feed: Gasunie_ActualPhysicalLoadFlows
Ex. Key: Point_Name = BUNDER-TIEF/H105
Granularity: Hourly

New Reports - Marketplace

Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX)

Morningstar now offers the following from HUPX:
  Physical Futures Data

Feed: Hupx_PhysicalFutures
Ex. Key: Instruments = Base Dec-14
Granularity: Daily


Morningstar now offers the following from NYISO:
  System Load Data

Feed: Nyiso_Loads
Ex. Key: Area = NYISO Total Load
Granularity: Hourly

Feed: Nyiso_Loads
Ex. Key: PTID = 61752
Granularity: Hourly

New Reports - Commodity DataServer and Marketplace


Morningstar now offers the following from AESO:
  Active Operating Reserve Prices

Ex. Description: AESO, Regulating Reserves Off Peak Price and Volume Data , CAD/MWH
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Electricity:Iso:Aeso:ActiveOperatingReserves:
Granularity: Daily

EOX Live

Morningstar now offers the following from EOX Live:
  Crude Data
  NGL Data

Ex. Symbol: EOXLIVE.NGL.C_2014M
Ex. Description: EOX Live Crude Canada AHS (BR) Jan 2015
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Forwards:Crude:EOXLive:                              
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Symbol: EOXLIVE.NGL.W_2014M
Ex. Description: EOX Live Natural Gas Liquids CIF ARA Butane NA Jan 2014
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Forwards:NaturalGas:EOXLive:NaturalGasLiquids:
Granularity: Daily

Southwest Power Pool (SPP)

Morningstar now offers the following from SPP:
  Generation Mix Data

Ex. Description: SPP Real Time Market Data, Generation Mix, Coal (MWH)
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Electricity:Iso:SppNodal:GenerationMix:
Granularity: Sub Hourly

Statistisches Bundesamt

Morningstar now offers the following from Statistisches Bundesamt:
  Single Load and SMP Data

Ex. Description: Statistisches Bundesamt Consumer Price Index For Germany - Base Year 2010
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Products:StatsBundesamt:IndustryEconomicActivities:
Granularity: Weekly or Greater

Commodities Research

New England Winter Gas Outlook

While the Salem Harbor and Vermont Yankee retirements are worrisome this upcoming winter, we believe the plant closures are more bullish power than gas markets. New England, through its more robust Winter Reliability Program for winter 2014-15, has found two more reliable and likely cheaper sources to fuel power generation. With oil prices collapsing globally, generators will begin filling reserve tanks soon to prepare for this upcoming winter. Liquefied natural gas will be more readily available via pipeline from the Distrigas facility in Everett, Maine, because of the large Gaz Metro-GDF Suez deal that will deliver up to 1 bcf/day from Canada. In addition to 715 mmcf/day vaporized at the Distrigas facility, up to 100 mmcf/day of LNG will be delivered by truck to local distribution companies (LDCs) and gas generators. We believe fuel competition will increase the elasticity of gas demand this winter and pipeline expansions south of New England will help alleviate fear-buying from New York generators. Given the robust Winter Reliability Program in New England and current prices for fuel competition, we believe Algonquin will clear lower than current forward prices this winter. Also, we believe some of the panic buying that led to large price spikes in the gas dailies were driven by firms that did not cover or hedge their IFERC versus GDD gas exposure, causing large short covering when the cold hit last winter. We do not believe firms will make the same mistake this winter.

For more information about Morningstar Research or to recieve the full report please email

On the Horizon

Morningstar would like to share the partnerships we are working to establish with data providers. Development of new data feeds will be prioritized based on client interest and feedback. Please contact your Sales Director or email if you are interested in these new data sets. We would also like to share all scheduled and completed maintenance on data including technical and market changes.

New Report Update - Point Carbon

We regret to inform you that Point Carbon Forecast and Actual European Electricity Prices included in the October 2014 newsletter are not available for redistribution.

Ex. Symbol: PC.PRICES.ACTUAL.100659
Ex. Description: Point Carbon, Actual for PRI CLS NGA UK NBP.WD (sap) APX D1 A
Path: TopRelation:Energy:EuropeanElectricity:PointCarbon:PricesData:
Granularity: Sub Hourly

Scheduled Market Changes

Morningstar is planning on completing the following maintenance items:

Source: Nodal Exchange
Description: Migrate to new FTP and files
Live Date: End of January 2015

Source: OPIS
Description: OPIS Mt. Belvieu TET Butane Spot Changes
Live Date: January 2, 2015

Source: Platts
Description: Platts FTP Upgrade
Live Date: Mid January 2015

Please visit our website to learn more about these market changes.

Completed Market Changes

Morningstar has successfully completed the following maintenance items:
  ICAP United Power Coal Data File Change
  ICIS launch of separate assessments for steam and tri-fuel diesel

Please visit our website to learn more about these market changes.

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