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Morningstar is pleased to announce the availability of the following data sets. To add any optional offering to your Morningstar data feed, please contact your Sales Director or email commoditydata-sales@morningstar.com.

New Data Providers

Ace Derivatives and Commodity Exchange

Ace Derivatives and Commodity Exchange is a screen based online derivatives exchange for commodities in India. Earlier known as Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange, it has been in existence for more than 5 decades bringing the best and transparent business practices in the Indian commodity space. Ace provides the confidence of trading on a world-class platform to manage risks and reduce complexities of commodity prices.

Morningstar's new offering from Ace Derivatives and Commodity Exchange:
  ACE futures data:

Ex. Symbol: ACE.CHANA_2014Q
Ex. Description: Ace Commodity Exchange CHANA
Path: TopRelation:Futures:AceIndia:
Granularity: Daily

Baltic Exchange

Morningstar's new offering from Baltic Exchange:
  Forward Assessment for MR Atlantic Basket

Ex. Description: MR Timecharter Equivalent
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Tankers:BalticFreight:Index:
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Description: MR Atlantic Basket Timecharter Equivalent
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Tankers:BalticFreight:Index:
Granularity: Daily

Ex. Description: Baltic Exchange MR Atlantic Basket Year plus 1
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Tankers:BalticFreight:Index_Forward:
Granularity: Daily


Morningstar's new offering from ERCOT:
  Real-Time Reserve ORDC Price Adder

Ex. Description: Ercot Nodal Market, Real-Time Reserve ORDC Price Adder, Online and Offline Reserves
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Electricity:Iso:ErcotNodal:ORDCPriceAdder:ERCOT.ORDC.RTORPA:
Granularity: 5 Minute

Ex. Description: Ercot Nodal Market, Real-Time Reserve ORDC Price Adder, Offline Reserves
Path: TopRelation:Energy:Electricity:Iso:ErcotNodal:ORDCPriceAdder:
Granularity: 5 Minute

Speedwell Weather

Morningstar's new offering from Speedwell Weather:
  24 Hour Average Temperature
  Daily Min and Max Temperature

Ex. Symbol: SWD.GERMANY.ESSEN.10410
Ex. Description: Speedwell Derivatives, Germany Actual Weather Data, Essen, 16898, LAT_51.399, LONG_6.966, ALT_153
Path: TopRelation:Weather:Speedwell:
Granularity: Daily

On the Horizon

Morningstar would like to share the partnerships we are working to establish with data providers. Development of new data feeds will be prioritized based on client interest and feedback. Please contact your Sales Director or email commoditydata-sales@morningstar.com if you are interested in these new data sets.

Marex Spectron

Marex Spectron is one of the world's largest privately owned brokers of financial products in the commodities sector. The company formed following the integration of Marex Financial and Spectron group in May 2011 and are a major provider of market information products including market summaries, research, analytical reports, live market screens and price feeds. They are dedicated to offering clients the highest level of service, discretion, and access to commodity and financial markets globally. Marex Spectron has been at the forefront of many industry developments and is a pioneering broker in new commodity markets such as Chinese coal and US environmental products.

Morningstar is looking into providing the following from Marex Spectron:
  Global Fuel Oil Report
  US Biofuel Report

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