Commodity DataServer

In the world of financial and energy trading, time is the most valuable commodity. Our Commodity DataServer delivers a comprehensive, real-time solution for research, analysis and trading that enables you to make the best decisions without delay. Commodity DataServer contains daily (7 day), intraday, and tick data values from over 280 sources available at a single location, along with a wide array of application tools with which to extract and analyze the data.

The Commodity DataServer starts with our patented time-series database — Historis — that enables lightning fast data storage and retrieval. We then load the database with clean, reliable historical market data that has been filtered through our Six Sigma quality assurance process. The result is complete, end-to-end solution that enables you to quickly and easily perform the most advanced research and analysis on the most comprehensive data set available.

Features and benefits of the Commodity DataServer include: